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Old Skool Farkers

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For those of us who remember Jelloboy, Rei and M2C.
For those of us who remember when four digit accounts were a big deal.
For those of us who are Old Skool Farkers.

Famous Fark memes:
***And weeeeeeeeeeeeee!
***Hatt-baby, hatt-baby!
***Outer Space Robots - pak chooie UNF

Fark traditions:
***RobynCalifornia's Five Questions for 4um (scroll down to bottom, on right-hand side)

Fark Photoshops:
***Obscene Pickle's archive of Fark Photoshops. She made these!
*** A handful of Walken Photoshops
***Utna's photoshops and Jelloboy mocks
***RobynCalifornia's collection of LURKS, inspired by thegrue.

Famous moments on Fark/in #fark:
***0wn3d by t3h p1g5!!!! (the April Fool's haX0ring of Fark)
***Do you d3f4c3? handyjoe #fark transcript - later posted to Fark for much mockery.